About us

Starting from the year 1996 as the distributor of the imported pneumatic conveying components & machines from EU & USA.
We have the further journey by being the  official distributor of the bulk material handling machining & processing company ”Young Industry Inc. / USA” for several years.
In the mean time, we have been developing our own manufacturing capability to reduce the importing part on our machine and component package and also started to develop many equipment and machines of our own design.

Since the years 2000 ,after stop working with Young Industry Inc., we have still added up our bulk material handling knowledge continuously till today.

By the help of or sister company Siam Complex Technology Co., Ltd. /SCT ( who are well known today in Thailand food processing business as the highly skill turn-key contractor) we have started our first project in sugar pneumatic conveying system for Dutch Mill Co.,Ltd.
It was the very simple system of 3.6 tons/hr conveying in the distance of only 20 meter long.
Then Dairy Plus, Nestle, Kellogg, Ovaltine, Mitrphol, Moccona and many more.

Many years passed , we have continued our growing more in other systems, we do not only do pneumatic conveying but unloading, cooling, drying, silo managing, weighting, screening, mixing and packing till the end of the process.
Even we have also been stepping in many industries such as the Chemical, Pharmaceutical and Plastic  but food still remain our most important area that we have always focused in.

After the long way of roaming in the industries, THEREC group are now fully equipped with components, machines, knowledges & tools for turn-key processing design and built of powder & bulk food material processing.

We are now looking at the next step of being the most efficient company to provide the most suitably solution for our customer both in Thailand and the ASEAN region.

And finally the best service company which our customer could relying on in long run endless cooperation.


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